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Course Overview

Delve into the transformative realm of AI with the “AI Prompt Engineer Course”. Designed for beginners and those unfamiliar with Large Language Models (LLM) such as ChatGPT, this course offers a comprehensive guide into the world of prompt engineering and its burgeoning relevance in the tech ecosystem.


Key Features:

  • Understanding Prompt Engineering: Grasp the mechanics behind the prompt design, ensuring effective communication and enhanced outcomes with AI.
  • Fundamentals of LLM: Dive deep into the essential principles of Large Language Models, and understand why they stand out in the vast sea of AI models.
  • Applicability Across Fields: Whether you’re a software developer aiming to enhance user experience, an AI enthusiast wishing to revolutionize the sector, a learner pursuing knowledge, a bug bounty hunter seeking to detect vulnerabilities, or a cybersecurity expert aiming to safeguard digital frontiers, the course brings to light how LLM can be a game-changer.
  • Interactive Learning: The course integrates real-world applications, demonstrations, and hands-on sessions to ensure a practical understanding of the concepts.


Harness the power of AI in various domains by understanding the intricacies of LLM and prompt engineering. Boost your career, enhance your applications, and get a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving world of technology.

Prompt Engineering Framework Guide Book - SkillCodex.pdf

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Basic of Prompt Engineering

Why Prompt Engineering
13:22 Min
LLM vs Google Search
18:07 Min
LLM Memory (Token)
07:30 Min
Effectively Creating Prompts
28:46 Min

Prompt Engineering Framework

06:55 Min
Framework 1:- Pre-detailed Prompt
13:11 Min
Framework 2:- Starter Queries Prompt
06:16 Min
Effective Prompt Revisions
03:43 Min
Framework 3:- Everyday prompt
04:24 Min
Framework 4:- Focus Prompt "Shot Prompting"
04:23 Min
Framework 4:- Focus Prompt "Chain of Thought Prompting"
03:43 Min
Framework 4:- Focus Prompt "Tabular Format Prompting"
03:31 Min
To introduce participants to prompt engineering and the basics of Large Language Models (LLM) like ChatGPT, and highlight their relevance across various tech domains.
No, this course is tailored for beginners and those unfamiliar with LLM. A basic understanding of technology can be helpful but is not mandatory.
It provides insights into optimizing user experiences, understanding AI communication, and leveraging LLM for innovative solutions in software and AI development.
Yes, the course integrates real-world applications, demonstrations, and hands-on sessions to ensure practical understanding.
By understanding the mechanics of LLM, cybersecurity professionals can better anticipate vulnerabilities and enhance digital protection strategies.
Yes, all participants who successfully complete the course will receive a certification.
Absolutely! We are committed to staying updated and will periodically revise the course content to reflect advancements in the field.

22 Oct, 2023

  • (Lesson) DALL-E 3: Image Generatel AI with ChatGPT Pro
  • (Lesson) Image to: Code, Web Site, Database & Etc.

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AI Prompt Engineer Course