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Duration: 10 Hours+
Lectures: 32
Level: Intermediate
Carding Course

Carding Course Description:

Introducing the Carding Course, specifically designed for individuals who want to understand the world of carding and how black hat hackers exploit it. Our course aims to educate you about carding scams and how to protect yourself from falling victim to them.

Please note, this course is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.

What You Will Learn in this Carding Course:

  • Understanding Carding and its Implications
  • How Hackers Obtain Card Details
  • Exploring Different Types of Cards and Their Security Features
  • Payment Gateway Functionality and Security
  • Various Payment Methods and their Security Measures
  • Card Company Payment Security Practices
  • Legal Aspects of Payment Security
  • App and Website Payment Security Measures
  • Distinguishing Between 2D and 3D Security
  • Applications of 2D and 3D Security
  • Overview of Cyber Laws in India and International Payment Security Systems
  • Standard Security Protocols for Payment Systems
  • Protecting Your Cards from Online Carding Scams
  • And Much More

What this Course DOESN’T Cover:

  • Purchasing Card Details (Theoretical Knowledge Only)
  • Becoming Anonymous Online
  • Buying Cryptocurrency Using Credit Cards
  • Acquiring Gift Cards with Credit Cards

Why Learn about Carding?

Though carding is an illegal activity, being aware of how it works and understanding the security measures in place is essential for cybersecurity and ethical hacking. By learning about carding scams, you can protect yourself and others from becoming victims of online fraud.

Who is this Course for?

  • Aspiring Ethical Hackers seeking to understand carding scams
  • Individuals interested in enhancing their cybersecurity awareness
  • Anyone curious about how carding works and how hackers exploit it

Course Disclaimer: This course is created for educational purposes only, and all the attacks demonstrated are conducted in a controlled environment or against devices with proper permissions. This course is solely a product of Yogendra Singh & SkillCodex, and no other organization is associated with it or a certification exam. Upon completion, you will receive a Course Completion Certificate, but no other organization is involved.

Enroll in our Carding Awareness Course today to enhance your understanding of online payment security and protect yourself from carding scams. Boost your cybersecurity knowledge and become a more informed and responsible internet user.

Module 1: The Basic

Carding Course Introduction
4:23 Min

Carding Course Introduction Video, Learn everything about carding and what will you learn in this course

What is Carding and the Scam?
16:00 Min

In this video, we will explore what carding is and how carders carry out carding scams.

The Myths in Carding

Learn the common Myths about carding. how scammers and some common misunderstand in carding.

Carding Common Tools
How Website Works

Module 2: Payment System Works

Payment System Introduction
How Banks Works
How Cards Company Works
Rules and Regulations By RBI
Type of Card Security
5 Min

Learn How Banks and Card Companies provide Security to protect against unauthorized transactions. And to stop Carding.

Type of Cards and Classes
RBI Tokenziation
PCI DSS Compliance
How Payment Gateway Works
2D And 3D Security
3 Min

Learn how 2D and 3D Payment System words. and How Carders exploits these issues.

American Express Card Security
Discover Card Security
Visa Card Security
Master Card Security

Module 3: How Hackers or Carders Get Cards ?

Method 1
Method 2
Method 3
Method 4
Method 5
Method 6

Module 4: Demo

Demo 1
Demo 2
Demo 3
Demo 4

Module 5: Bonus

Affiliate Program
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1) This Carding Course is only for educational purposes. 2) SkillCodex or Any Member of SkillCodex is not responsible for any crime committed by any students. 3) Legal Action can be taken by Government and SkillCodex can ban you from this course. 4) We Will Remove you from the Carding Course if Any Violation of the terms and conditions Happened like, - Sharing Password - Phishing Attack against any Company or any person - In case of a Scam - Sharding Course Content outside - Carding Attack against any Person or any Company
Carding - Online Card Scam, The most popular scam in the market. Then Why this course is good for you? This Carding Course will explain to you How this card scam works with practical. and How you can protect yourself against these scams.
What you will Learn in this course? 1) What is Carding 2) How Black Hat Hackers Do Carding 3) Carding Practical 4) How to Secure Yourself against this Carding Scam or any only payment Scams
First, there are lots of carding courses in the market and most of them are fake or scams. Our course is designed to aware people of carding scams and also to teach you how hackers do it. Most Important it will give a depth of knowledge about Black hat hacking and how systems and laws work. as an Ethical Hacker, you should have some knowledge about this Black hat hacking.
Yes, You will get a certificate after completing this course.
There are no specific prerequisites for this course, anyone can join this carding course. But If you have a basic understanding of How law and security work it will benefit you.
Yes, you will get a Free video or any lecture updates on this carding course.
Yes, SkillCodex offers you lifetime access to this carding course.
We Offer 14 Days Refund policy But here are a Few Terms and Conditions! 1) Fee Will Not Refund after completing 30% of the course. 2) Fee will not Refund for any crime or illegal act by students. 3) Fee Will Not Refund after watching Practical Videos. 4) Fee Will Not Refund after Violation of any terms and conditions. Please Visit Refund Page for Refund and More Details

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Carding Course – Online Card Scam
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