Enrolled: 6 students
Duration: 11+ Hours
Lectures: 36
Level: Beginner

Become an expert in Cyber Security with AI through our comprehensive course. Gain essential knowledge and hands-on experience in this rapidly growing field, and prepare for a rewarding career by mastering AI-driven cyber security.

What You Will Learn in Cyber Security with AI:

  1. Cyber Security and AI Fundamentals: Learn the basics of cyber security and AI, and understand their importance in today’s digital world.
  2. AI-Enabled Threat Detection: Discover how AI can help detect and prevent threats more efficiently and accurately.
  3. AI-Powered Incident Response: Explore AI-powered techniques for effective incident response and triage in cyber security.
  4. AI-Driven Recovery Strategies: Master AI-based recovery strategies to minimize the impact of security breaches.
  5. Security Analytics with AI: Learn how AI-driven security analytics can identify and mitigate risks.
  6. AI-Enhanced Risk Management: Understand how AI can improve risk management solutions in cyber security.
  7. Privacy Preservation Techniques: Delve into privacy preservation methods in the age of AI-driven cyber security.
  8. Adversarial AI: Stay updated on trends like adversarial AI and their implications for cyber security’s future.
  9. AI-Enabled Cyber Crime: Understand the rise of AI-enabled cyber crime and strategies to combat such threats.
  10. Real-World Applications: Learn how AI-driven cyber security tools are applied across various industries.

Hands-on Experience in Cyber Security with AI: Engage in practical projects and case studies to develop skills in implementing AI-based intrusion detection systems, malware detection, and phishing detection.

Why Choose Our AI Security Course?

  • The comprehensive and up-to-date curriculum
  • Expert instructors with real-world experience
  • Boost your career prospects with valuable skills
  • Access to a network of like-minded professionals
  • Hands-on learning through practical projects and case studies
  • Personalized learning support and guidance
  • Cutting-edge course content covering emerging trends
  • Flexible learning options, including self-paced and instructor-led sessions
  • Access to exclusive resources, webinars, and industry insights
  • Ongoing support and mentorship even after course completion

Cyber Security with AI Course Requirements: Basic understanding of computer networking, information security concepts, and familiarity with programming languages such as Python. Prior knowledge of machine learning and deep learning concepts is beneficial but not mandatory.

Don’t miss the chance to level up your skills in the competitive world of cyber security. Enroll in our Cyber Security with AI course today and embark on a successful career in this high-demand field. Build a strong foundation, expand your expertise, and become a sought-after professional in the world of cyber security and AI.

Module 1: Introduction to Cyber Security and AI

Understanding Cyber Security: Definition, Importance, and Challenges
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: History, Development, and Applications
AI in Cyber Security: Opportunities and Challenges
Ethical and Legal Considerations in Cyber Security and AI

Module 2: Foundations of Cyber Security and AI

Information Security Fundamentals: CIA Triad, Threats, and Vulnerabilities
Cryptography: Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption, Hashing, and Digital Signatures
Machine Learning Basics: Supervised, Unsupervised, and Reinforcement Learning
Deep Learning: Neural Networks, Convolutional Neural Networks, and Recurrent Neural Networks

Module 3: AI for Threat Detection and Prevention

Anomaly Detection: Statistical Techniques, Clustering, and Classification
Network Security: Intrusion Detection Systems, AI-based Firewalls, and Network Traffic Analysis
Malware Detection and Analysis: AI-based Static and Dynamic Analysis Techniques
Phishing Detection: Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision Approaches
AI for Incident Response and Recovery

Module 4: AI for Incident Response and Recovery

Security Incident Management: Best Practices, Automation, and AI-driven Triage
AI in Digital Forensics: Data Recovery, Pattern Recognition, and Behavioral Analysis
AI for Cyber Threat Intelligence: Information Gathering, Analysis, and Sharing
Cyber Resilience and AI: Planning, Implementation, and Testing

Module 5: AI for Security Analytics and Risk Management

AI-driven Security Analytics: Log Analysis, User and Entity Behavior Analytics
AI for Vulnerability Assessment and Management: Automated Scanners and Patch Management
AI in Risk Management: Risk Identification, Assessment, and Mitigation
AI for Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement: Regulatory Frameworks and Reporting

Module 6: Advanced Topics and Emerging Trends

Adversarial AI: Attacks on AI Systems and Defenses
AI for Privacy Preservation: Privacy-preserving Machine Learning and Homomorphic Encryption
Blockchain and AI for Cyber Security: Decentralization, Smart Contracts, and Consensus Mechanisms
Future of Cyber Security and AI: Emerging Technologies, New Threats, and Opportunities

Module : AI in Cyber Crime: How Cyber Criminals Use AI for Advanced Attacks

AI-generated Phishing and Social Engineering Attacks
AI-powered Malware and Ransomware
Deepfake Technology for Fraud and Disinformation
AI-driven DDoS Attacks and Botnets
Countermeasures and Strategies to Combat AI-enabled Cyber Crime

Module 8: Hands-on Projects and Case Studies

Implementing AI-driven Intrusion Detection Systems
Developing a Malware Detection System using Deep Learning Techniques
Creating a Phishing Detection Model with Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision
Case Studies: Real-world Examples of AI-driven Cyber Security Solutions
Hands-on Activity: Investigating and Mitigating AI-enabled Cyber Crime


Live Session
2 hours

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This course requires a basic understanding of computer networking, information security concepts, and familiarity with programming languages such as Python. Prior knowledge of machine learning and deep learning concepts is beneficial but not mandatory.
The course duration varies depending on the learning mode (self-paced or instructor-led) and the time you can dedicate to the course. Generally, the course can be completed in a few months.
Yes, upon successful completion of the course and its requirements, you will receive a certificate that showcases your expertise in Cyber Security with AI.
This course is designed for individuals with some background in computer networking, programming, and information security. While beginners can benefit from the course, it's advisable to have a basic understanding of the mentioned concepts.
After completing this course, you can pursue roles such as AI Security Analyst, Cyber Security Specialist, AI Security Engineer, Threat Intelligence Analyst, and AI Security Researcher, among others.
Most course providers offer continued access to course materials even after completion, but this may vary. It's best to check with the course provider for their specific policy on access to materials post-completion.
Yes, we provide financial assistance and scholarships specifically for individuals who have lost their parents and are orphans. We understand the importance of education and aim to support those facing challenging circumstances.
During the course, you can rely on our advanced AI system to answer your questions instantly, providing you with quick support and guidance. Additionally, our dedicated teachers are committed to helping you with your learning journey and will respond to your queries within 48 hours. This dual approach ensures that you receive comprehensive support throughout the course, enhancing your learning experience and addressing any challenges that you may face.

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Cyber Security with AI: Master the Future of Security